Biokovo Nature Park

The Nature Park Biokovo is an amazing massif of about 30 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide along the Adriatic Sea coast between the villages of Brela and Gradac in southern Croatia. It was declared as a nature park on the 16th June 1981. It has an area of 19 550 hectares. The highest peak is called Sveti Jure (Saint George) at 1762 m which makes it the second-highest peak in Croatia. Altitude ranges from 200 to 1762 meters. It is located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and continental climate so the annual average temperature varies from 4 to 13 °C depending on the altitude. Most of the precipitation falls in the autumn and winter months, much less in the spring. The maximum rainfall happens in December. In this area, the prevailing winds are from the north and northeast. This Nature Park is a part of the massif Dinarides with the direction of NW-SE. Biokovo is dominated by sinkholes. Some are very deep, even more than 100 meters. Some have collapsed, while some continue into the deep pit. This specific form of surface debris is called mesh debris.

Why to visit the Nature Park Biokovo

Such a series of beaches, forests, cultivated landscape and mountainous hinterland is very rare on a global scale. Nowhere on the Adriatic coast so high peaks are not so close to the coast at such great length. The combination of mountains and coastline makes unforgettable beauty. Below the mountains are beautiful beaches, lush pine forests, olive groves and picturesque villages along the coast, or at the foot of the cliffs. Biokovo is particularly unique in terms of biodiversity and geomorphology. This Nature Park has about 1,500 plant species, more than 100 species of birds, 21 species of reptiles, 7 protected species of amphibians, 13 rare, endangered and protected species of bats. Of the 199 species of subterranean fauna even 60 are endemic. Some of endemic plants are: Edraianthus pumilio, Centaurea biokovensis, Gentiana crispata, Dianthus integer and others. At different altitudes and in different circumstances on Biokovo have developed various types of vegetation, from the Mediterranean to Alpine and variety of wildlife. An integral part of the Nature Park is a botanical garden Kotišina on 16.5 acres above the eponymous village in the foothills of Biokovo which is fenced part of nature and vegetation as well as a smaller number of introduced exotic plants. Geomorphic phenomena are: sinkholes, cracks, oysters, pit (the deepest pit is Amphora: -790 m), ice caves, karst springs. Here are a significant paleontological sites, beautiful landscapes and views.

Where is situated, accommodation

The Nature Park Biokovo is situated in region Dalmatia in the southern Croatia. It’s part of Split-Dalmatia County (Croatian: Splitsko-dalmatinska županija). Bigger towns situated near the Nature Park are: Makarska (13,984) and Vrgorac (6,501). The main entrance to the Nature Park, with many walking paths, is located on the 6th kilometer of the national road Makarska – Vrgorac, where starts Biokovska Road and it’s marked with brown signs. The nearest bus station is in Makarska. The nearest railway station is in Split, and the nearest airports are: Split (Kaštela – Resnik) and Dubrovnik (Ćilipi). Split and Dubrovnik also associated with Italy, ferry lines Split – Ancona and Dubrovnik – Bari. Inside this Nature Park there are 6 mountain houses where is possible to spend the night with the previous notification and agreement with hiking clubs. Offer of accommodation facilities near the Nature Park is very rich and diverse, so excursionists can choose between numerous accommodation facilities. The town of Makarska below the natural park and numerous other settlements such as Baška Voda, Brela, Tučepi, Podgora are the popular tourist destinations. In Makarska there are many hotels like: Hotel Meteor (4 stars), Hotel Osejava (4 stars), Hotel Dalmacija (3 stars) and others.  Other recommendable hotels are: Hotel Soline in Brela (4 stars), Hotel Berulia in Brela (4 stars) and Hotel Horizont in Baška Voda (4 stars). There are also many private accommodation types like apartments, rooms, and camping sites.

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