Risnjak National Park

Risnjak was proclaimed a national park in 1953. The national park covers an area of 6 350 hectares and covers the central part of the massif Risnjak, mountain range Snježnik and source of river Kupa with its upper part. The highest point of the national park is Veliki Risnjak – 1528 meters. The lowest point of the national park is source of river Kupa- 290 meters. National park Risnjak is characterized by different karst phenomena and shapes as well as lush vegetation hides many caves, sinkholes and cracks. Lush vegetation is habitat for a large number of animal species, particulary birds. Beside birds their refudge there have found three large carnivores: lnyx, brown bear and wolf. The mountain massif is named after lynx (in Croatian ris). Lynx is reinhabited here from 1974. The main climatic features of the area are; abundance of rainfall, long snowy winters and fresh summers. Visitors of this national park except in natural phenomena can enjoy a variety of activities; walks, trekking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, animal watching and caving.

Why visit national park Risnjak

National park will attract all lovers of the nature and natural phenomena of the area. Unspoiled nature, quiet, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, greenery, fresh mountain air, wild animals, well prepared local food, here are more than enough reasons to decide on escape from the city noise and annoyance into something completely opposite. There is lot of things to see in this national park; explore the headwaters of the river Kupa and discover why they call it „Magic valley of butterflies“, get up courage and conquer the highest point of Gorski Kotar – Veliki Risnjak, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view that extends to the Solvenian Alps, the Kvarner Islands and to Medvednica, clim up to the top of picturesque point Snježnik and take the walk down the educational path Leska. For those who want a romantic tour of the national park is offered a carriage ride. This wooded and rocky area is habitat for many animal species; mammals, birds, butterflies, reptiles, fish, amphibians and wild animals. This national park is an oasis where you will definitely want to come back soon.

Where is situated, accomodation

National park Risnjak is situated in Gorski Kotar, near Delnice. National park Risnjak belongs to County primorsko- goranska. National park Risnjak occupies the central part of the mountain massif Risnjak, one part of massif Snježnik, and headwaters of river Kupa with its source. Management of the national park is situated in locality Bijela Vodica, near village Crni Lug. There is also the main entrance to the national park. The entrance to the national park is possible from the directions Platak and Gornje Jelenje through the locality Vilje. Near the management of the national park Risnjak in small village Crni Lug is situated guest house where you can stay. You can also stay in Josip Sclosser Klekovski mountain hut. Mountain hut is situated at the foot of the peak. In the surrounding areas you can stay in appartments or holiday houses and in Delnice is also a hotel.

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