Plitvice lakes National Park

If somebody had to choose between all natural beauties of Croatia just one, I would advise him to visit Plitvice lakes, because that national park continues to impress visitors and preserves special beauty and charm regardless of the season in which you visit it. Plitvice lakes were declared a national park on 8th of april 1949. and they also represent the oldest, the largest and the most visited Croatian national park. The national park spreads on the area of two counties. The area of the national park extends on the 29. 685 hectare. National park Plitvice lakes consists of 16 large and small lakes with crystal blue-green colour. The lakes are divided into Upper lakes („Gornja jezera“) and Lower lakes („ Donja jezera“). Upper lakes are: Prošćansko jezero, Ciginovac, Batinovac, Okrugljak, Veliko jezero, Malo jezero, Galovac, Vir, Milino jezero, Gradinsko jezero, Kozjak, Veliki Burget. Lower lakes are: Milanovac, Gavanovac, Novakovića Brod i Kaluđerovac. “ Kozjak“ is the largest and the deepest lake with a 81.5 hectare area and with the depth of 47 m.

Why visit national park Plitvice lakes

National park Plitvice lakes is the most popular Croatian national park, entirely justified, 16 beautiful lakes, situated in the wood, magnificent waterfalls and flashing colors; crystal blue, grey, dark blue and green. Wherever you turn you will be greeted by scenes of nature that leave you breathless and you will surely want to record them or photograph. National park Plitvice lakes is an unforgettable experience for everyone, unspoiled nature, improvised wooden paths and bridges, murmuring of water, the scent of greenery, heavenly combination of magnificent waterfalls and lakes. National park is situated on the border between continental and maritime influences, and this has led to a particular variety of plant life. Visitors will certanly notice fairy looking lilies and grass which grow near waterfalls and it’s called  „ Zelena Bradica“, which means  „green beard“. Forests of the national park are inhabited by bears, wolves, badgers, lynx and fox, and there is an interesting detail that approximately 30 % of the total Croatian butterfly fauna is situated on the area of national park Plitvice lakes, and the largest number of species can be seen in summer. Primeval beauty of the national park and and the majestic force have noticed numerous foreign experts who compiled various lists of top national parks, so the national park Plitvice lakes brought many flattering titles on the lists of the world’s most beautiful national parks.

Where is situated, accomodation

National park Plitvice lakes is situated between Slunj and Korenica. Bigger towns situated near the national park are: Rakovica, Otočac, Ogulin, Gospić in Croatia and Bihać in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Offer of accomodation facilities near the national park is rich and diverse, so excursionists can choose between numerous accomodation facilities. Majority of accommodation establisments are private accommodation types like apartments, rooms, few country houses and two camping sites. Majority of the appartments and rooms privately owned also offer meals and trying typical dishes. It is possible to stay in one of four hotels that are situated near the national park.

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