Paklenica National Park

Paklenica has been declared a national park in 1949 due to an exceptional variety of geomorphological forms and phenomena and because of the richness of forest communities. National park Paklenica is the second national park, declared just few months after the National Park Plitvice Lakes. Paklenica is the common name for two canyons – Mala and Velika Paklenica.  Canyons are high up to 400 m and are located at the contact point between the sea and mountains. As the result of combination of marine and mountain air here are created ideal climate conditions. This relatively small area abounds with attractive landscapes, unspoilt nature, diverse flora and fauna and with underground forms such as pits and caves. People lived on Velebit for centuries and this coexistence is witnessed by numerous roads and mountain trails, sacred monuments and forts. Paklenica is appreciated alpine center known also outside of Croatian borders. Paklenica is a place that will attract all lovers of miraculous nature. Name of Paklenica derives from the word „paklina“ which mean pine resin. The local residents used that pine resin in traditional medicine and for coating wooden ships.

Why visit national park Paklenica

National park Paklenica is situated at the contact point of mountains and the sea and that classifies it among the most attractive tourist parts of the northeastern Mediterranean. Paklenica is an impressive place whose beauty is annually visited by more than 100. 000 visitors. National park Paklenica abounds with peculiarities; it is habitat of many rare plant species, it is inhabited with many attractive animal specimens like the biggest butterfly species in Croatia and also has an interesting cultural and historical heritage and rich tourist offer. The largest Croatian rock Anića kuk (712 m) is also situated on the area of this national park. This rock attract the climbers from all over the world. Paklenica is a right place for all lovers of recreation in nature. Recreation options in the beautiful landscape are numerous; mountaineering, hiking, biking or walking. Walking is the best way to experience this national park and on the area of national park is arranged about 200 km of touristic and hiking trails. National park Paklenica has a rich tourist offer; presentation center where you can learn about national beauties and visit the exibition panels that illustrate peculiarities, learning center where you can learn about the birds of prey. Worth seeing are also „Paklenica mills“. Seven mills will evoke a touch of past times and the importance which they had for the residents of the area. When you get tired from exploring Paklenica you can make a pause in the ethno ambient of the house Marasović or in the foresters house Lugarnica surrounded by greenery.

Where is situated, accomodation

National park Paklenica covers an area of two counties, Zadar and Lika- Senj. National park Paklenica is situated on the coastal slope of southern Velebit. National park is situated in the hinterland of Starigrad, near the village Marasovići. National park Paklenica can be easily reached from the all major Croatian cities. You can stay in Starigrad- Paklenica, town situated very near the national park. There you can choose between few kinds of accomodation; apartments, rooms, pensions or camping site. The complex of national park Paklenica also has a homonymous camping site where you can stay. Camp is situated on the beach and can accomodate about 100 persons. The camp is open from March till November.

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