Northern Velebit National Park

The Nothern Velebit was declared a national park in 1999. as the eight and the youngest national park in Croatia. This national park covers an area of 109 km2. Part of the national park also does; the strict nature reserve- two localities „Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi“, „Lukina jama“ – one of the deepest karst caves in the world (discovered in the 1999), botanical reserve Zavižan – Balinovac – Velika kosa, The Velebit Botanical Garden, botanical reserve „ Visibaba“ and numerous hiking trails. The Nothern Velebit National Park is habitat for a large number of Croatian and Velebit relicts of endemic flora and fauna. Natural forces have enriched this area with the most beautiful karst phenomena and have placed it to the top of the world karst morphology. Velebit is the longest and the widest Croatian mountain range, is known for its preserved natural diversity and for primordial nature. Croatian mountaineers have declared The Nothern Velebit National Park for the biggest jewel among the Croatian mountains. Mountain Velebit was always an national symbol, sacred mountain, the eternal mediator between the mediterranean and continental Croatia. The importance of Velebit for the Croatian people testify also an old Croatian patriotic song „Vila Velebita“.

Why visit The Nothern Velebit National Park

Velebit is an amazing mountain. It’s hard to describe the silence and the colors of this landscape, scenes are stunning- plateau and hills covered with tall grass, bare cliffs, relaxing scent of greenery, meadows, flowers and plants of all shapes and colors, colorful butterflies, magnificent views from the peaks and evidences of the only permanent inhabitants of mountain written in the snow. Nothern Velebit is a place that will win all the lovers of active recreation in nature. There is variety of activities you can enjoy; walks, photography, biking, hiking, participating in educational programms for children and adults or you can just enjoy the view of the dark night sky. On Velebit you will be able to experience a lot of beauties but there is one that you should not miss- walk on the most beautiful hiking trail in Croatia- Premužić trail. The view from the trail is towards the sea and the Kvarner islands. One thing is certain; visiting an pristine nature and unspoilt wilderness will be a memorable experience for adults and for children.

Where is situated, accomodation

The Nothern Velebit National Park extends from the notch Vratnik to the notch over the coastal village Jablanac. The Nothern Velebit National Park is not hard to get from the directions of all bigger Croatian cities. Krasno is the main starting point for visiting the park and the place where is situated the administration office of National park. There are two entrances to the national park; for the nothern part of the park- entrance Babić Siča, Zavižan, Velebit botanical garden and the southern part of the park- Štirovača and Alan. Accomodation on the area of the national park is possible only in mountain facilities Alan and Zavižan. Other types of accomodation such as hotels, campsites, rooms, guesthouses and appartments can be found near the national park in the surrounding villages; Jablanac, Krasno, Senj, Otočac, Sveti Juraj.

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