Kornati National Park

National park Kornati encompassing the greater part of the Kornati island group and is located in the Croatian part of Adriatic sea, west of Sibenik, near the island of Murter. For the multitude of natural and cultural diversity, the richness of marine ecosystem and the diversity of the coastline, the southeastern part of the island was proclaimed a national park in 1980. Today the national park covers an area of about 21 800 hectares and includes 89 islands, islets and rocks. It is interesting that a large part of national park is related to the marine ecosystem and only ¼ of area refers to the mainland. The mainland part of the national park is mostly in private ownership residents of neighboring island of Murter and therefore Murter is jokingly called „ metropolis of Kornati“. The Kornati islands are the densest Mediterranean island group that will serve you as shelter if you want to replace the city crowd with picturesque desolated bays, paved paths that lead to many view points which will provide you unforgettable scenes or you can dive into fascinating story of the Kornati submarine world.

Why visit national park Kornati

National park Kornati is a real treasury of natural and cultural resources. National park Kornati is the right choice for those who want to escape the hustle of everyday life, because it offers a variety of outdoor activities. Diving in immeasurably blue depths, fishing, hiking and sightseeing of different geological and geomorphological phenomena, culinary delights- all this and much more offers national park Kornati. At every step you will be welcomed by the stunning scenes of nature, the best way to experience them are viewpoints. There are nearly ten viewpoints and each of them will provide you an unique experience and impressive views of the surrounding areas. Wonderful phenomenon of the national park Kornati are „kornatske krune“ ( crowns of Kornati )- steep cliffs of Kornati islands inverted to the open sea. Crowns extend underwater and that part of crowns you can experience diving. Magical underwater of national park Kornati you can explore in seven diving areas. Lovers of cultural attractions will be thrilled with the remains of dwellings that testify the life and customs of the inhabitants of the island in prehistoric era, fortifications for a military purpose, basilicas and churches, the remains of salt storage and sunken remains of saltern from the 14th century.

Where is situated, accomodation

National park Kornati is situated south from Zadar, west from Šibenik, and near the island of Murter. National park Kornati is situated fifteen nautical miles from Šibenik and Zadar and seven nautical miles from Murter. National park Kornati can be reached from the main port of Murter, from Biograd, from marina Borik which is situated in the tourist part of Zadar or from Šibenik. The area of national park also can be reached by private boat or by organized shippers. It is possible to stay in one of the camps who have signed an employment contract with the national park Kornati. Travel agencies from Murter offer various opportunities for those who want to rent a house or a room on the area of national park. Guests who come by their own boat have the ability to anchor and overnight in one of twenty specified bays on the area of national park.

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