Mljet National Park

National park Mljet is the fourth national park in Croatia, but the first Croatian island national park. The area of national park extends to the northwest third of the island. That part of the island was declared a national park in the 1960, and the marine part of island was declared in 1997. Mljet is also known as „Green island“ and the antique name of island „Melita“ means „The island of Honey“. Both names are there to testify the beauty, magnificent pine forests, Mediterranean vegetation, clearings covered with flowers, greenish blue sea,beautiful waves and the smell of pine. Interesting information is that even 70 % of the island is covered with wood. The mild Mediterranean climate is suitable for a flowering and a greenery of variety of plants even in a late fall and in winter. Mljet is famous for its legends and stories, according to one legend Mljet is mythical island Ogigia where Odysseus found a shelter after his shipwreck. National park Mljet is full of caves, scenic walking trails, beautiful forests, pits, occasionally brackish lakes, and natural phenomenons such as the Big lake and Small lake and cultural – historical pearls such as the picturesque little isle of St. Mary.

Why visit national park Mljet

National park Mljet is a place that definitely should be found on your list of top destinations, primarily becouse it will delight you with its uniqueness, unspoilt nature, extremelly gorgeous scenery, but also because its endless source of opportunities for sightseeing, swimming, exploring, diving and enjoying in all kinds of recreational sports activities. Island of Mljet boasts a very rich history, the first historical records date back to the time of Greek sailors. National park Mljet will provide you an opportunity to experience harmony with nature, to swim at one of the cleanest beaches on the Adriatic coast, to enjoy hiking, to experience rare natural phenomena such as coral reefs, caves or visit a place where once upon a time Benedictines used to produce a salt. National park Mljet enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean region and has around 2500 hours of sunshine per a year, what places it at the top of the sunniest Adriatic islands. National park Mljet is real heaven on earth – beautiful scenery, cristal clear sea, islands, rich historical and cultural heritage and lakes. The beauty and importance of Mljet were themes of many poets and writers, in the past and as well in the present, and this is confirmed by the fact that respected Times also has written about the beauty of the island.

Where is situated, accomodation

National park Mljet is situated in the northwestern part of the island on the eight largest island in Croatia. Mljet is situated near Korcula, Elafiti islands, Dubrovnik and from the island of Pelješac it’s separated by Mljet channel. National park extends on the area of: Pomena, Ploče, Babine kuće, Govedari, Njivice and Soline. Accomodation on the island is possible in one hotel situated on area of national park in a village Pomena. Accomodation in private houses, rooms or apartments can be found in each village, on the area of national park or in other places of the island. It’s also possible to stay in two campsites: one is located in village „Babine kuće“  and the other is located in village „Ropa“ near the national park.

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