Brijuni National Park

The Maker intended to shape a part of the Earth to the image of Heaven. That is how Istria came into being, like a garden covered with magnificent trees and vast meadows, washed by the deep blue sea, appealing people to a happier life. But the jealous devil destroyed his work by tearing the bag in which the angel was carrying the unused stones. Thousands of rocks scattered around the Istrian land making it a land of contrasts, gentle and rough, fertile and barren, sunny and cloudy. The desolated angels gathered the pieces of Heaven remaining among the scattered rocks and protected them by the sea waves and created Brijuni.


Brijuni island group of 14 islands and islets is the most indented group of islands in the west Istrian part of the coast and covers total area of  7, 3 km2. Veli Brijun is island that occupies most of the surface. Brijuni national park was declared 1983., its total area is 36, 3 m2 and in the national park are included Mali Brijun, Veliki Brijun, Gaz, sv. Marko, Okrugljak, Kote, Supin, Gaul, Vanga (Krasnica), Pusti(Madonna), Vrsar, Kozada, sv. Jerolim. Fascinated by the beauty of Brijuni Josip Broz Tito choose them for his residence, where he recived a lot of world statesmen, government delegations and prominent politicians. Today one part of  the national park is used as a summer residence of the Croatian president and its closed to visitors.

Why visit Brijuni national park

Fairy-tale green meadows blended in with a blue sky , the quiet, rich forest areas perfect for walking in nature and varied wildlife will impel anyone who visit Brijuni once to return again. Herds of deer and muflons that can be seen resting in the shade of thick gorgeous trees. Herds of deer in the free walks on island, in a search of food, so it will seem like you’re in a kind of reservation of certain breeds. The majority of these animals were brought there as a gifts from respected world’s statesman to the late president of the SFR Yugoslavia to Josip Broz Tito, who in his residences recived prominent political and public figures of 20th century. So in the national park you can meet zebras, camels, lions, tigers, bears, and Indian elephants Sony and Lanka, Ghandi’s gift to Tito and to Brijuni. Special attention attracts famous parrot of family Cacadua, Koki. Lovers of scientific facts will be delighted to get the information about dinosaur site of paleontological traces of dinosaur movements and archeological sites dating from the Roman Empire. The islands also can boast of numerous religious buildings, churches, chapels, villas, quarries, olive groves and manufacturing their own olive oil.

Where is situated, accomodation

National park Brijuni is situated on the southwest coast of Istria, and on Brijuni it’s possible to arrive with tourist boat that departs from a small istrian town Fažana, located near Pula. Distance between Pula and Brijuni islands is about 6 km. Accommodation offer is varied and high-quality. It is possible to find accomodation that suits to everyone and to every payment option. It’s possible to choose between apartments, holiday homes, hotels and villas. In the immediate vicinity of the island Veliki Brijun there are superbly equipped hotel Neptun- Istra and hotel Karmen. Demanding guests will surely satisfy the accommodation offered in the southeastern part of the island Veliki Brijun, in the bay Lovorika- villa Lovorka, villa Primorka, villa Dubravka.

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